Mozhaisk Medical Supplies Factory

Mozhaisk medical supplies factory is one of the major Russian producers of medical instruments. The Factory was found on 1931. It is situated in picturesque place in the Moscow river's bend, near the Mozhaisk storage pond, 3 km away from the Mozhaisk highroad - the main Russia's thoroughfare, that connects the center of Russia and Moscow with European countries. The factory has good spur track and cargo load car parking.

The Factory develops and produces medical instruments almost in all branches of medicine - obstetrics and gynecology, dentistry, otorhinolaryngology, general surgery, ophthalmology, dissection, neurosurgery, urology, and cosmetology - more than 500 designations in total. The Factory permanently broadens the instruments nomenclature, preserving the quality to meet the best samples worldwide. The Factory R&D employees annually develop and introduce into production 10 kinds of new instruments.

The total land area of the Factory is 14.67 ga., the total working area - 23.4 thousand sq.m., including 15.3 thousand sq.m. of industrial premises. We use all kinds of metal and plastic processing while producing medical instruments.

Our products are well known in Russia, CIS countries and worldwide. The Factory often participates in Russian and international exhibitions. During the last years we have been demonstrating our goods in Belgium, Republic of Cuba, China, Syria, and Vietnam.

The factory authority pays significant attention to developing the housing conditions and living standards of its employees.

Medical instrument

We manufacture a wide range of professional medical instruments. The instruments have all required certificates according to Russian law.

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MIZ Mozhaysk, Moscow region
143220 Russian Federation


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Operating hours:

Monday - Friday
from 08 AM till 05 PM (UTC +3:00)

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Nail service tools

Wide range of professional tools for manicure, pedicure, cosmetic manipulations. The tools fully comply with international standards.

Laboratory ond other tools

Clamps, tweezers, wrenches, nippers, scissors, spatulas, saws and other tools for a variety of applications.

Industrial services

High-tech production services for the processing of various materials. Production of various custom tools.